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A translation in English is in progress

Even if you are not fluent in French, have a look at this site. The numerous diagrams will help you to intuitively understand the objectives and ways to achieve them.

“www.bisrepetita.eu” wants to be a site for communication and sharing of experience. Its main objective is to provide you with check lists, advice, documents and ideas which will help you to optimize your oral communication, whether in a small group meeting in an office, or to hundreds of people gathered in a large auditorium.

If you need to speak in French - which is not your mother tongue - make sure to rehearse your presentation face to face with a French professional coach. Little details can make a huge difference and drastically captivate or irritate your audience who might have different cultural habits or a different sense of humour and even a completely different thought process.

If for any reason, you are in a hurry or far away from Brussels, you might as well rehearse via the "net".

Please do not hesitate to contact us either in French or in English.

Guy A. Delhaye
French Public Speaking Coach

Always go through a dry run of your speeches. Otherwise, you’ll never forgive yourself and so will do your audience.

Ne faites jamais l’impasse sur une répétition. Vous ne vous le pardonneriez pas, votre auditoire non plus.

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